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another interuption from the present time. life in noho.

today for a change i decided to just relax and do whatever pleased me.

so i'm out in the back yard sitting under my one avocado.

i'm listening to horace silver on the radio "kjazz", reading john fowles' "the ebony tower" drinking my 'kiccakapoo' joy juice, lemonade with ginger, maple syrup, cayenne, molasses and a dram of apple vinegar. so i'm feeling pretty good, loving the book, loving the sounds.

suddenly i go, hey, i'm hungry. i was so hungry, i had to do something fast and satisfying. so i invented this open faced sandwich. i had one biscuit left which was getting a little hard. a coat of butter, smoked salmon and mozzarella cheese would hit the spot i thought. i played with a pepper i grew and an olive. ha ha. (i didn't know it was a hot pepper.)

i planned to broil my snack for five minutes. but i checked what was happening in opera and got there a little late. so i repeat for everyone's benefit. "do not… i say, do not cook while you're Internet-glued.!" seven minutes was just two minutes too long.

i ate them anyway. they were delicious.