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now, in the chamber of my quiet heart

this living, breathing, a good enlightened self

so often chided in solitude

for errant sins of vain entrapments

still settles sweetly silent in the morn

presently, not dreaming and still as stone

a gift, intelligence, alighted in my hollow head

a missive from above so delicate

a delicacy for a truth starved brain

suddenly, with fluttering heart

grasping the rails of my two mile-long legs

i shuddered deep within my earthbound soul

struck dumb and alert at once

so ready to ride the visit of inspired thought

which of itself intended to leaven this tiny being

a higher state of awareness
i may try to convey the oneness with words

which come in tangled lines, attempt to moor

this astral visit

enclosing bright sparks

in a book

and harbor them in libraries

for dust to settle on and obscure the engines

which drive me on my way.

so i, tempted again
follow fragments of truth
vagrant visions of glory
into the fray 'it'
charges bewildered into action
now running on the residue of truth