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From Crackle: venice boardwalk clip

and from my fellow exhibitor's e-mail:

Hey Scot-tee, say it like captain kirk
I found this clip I shot of you and can't remember if I'd

already given it to you,
It made me cry… I love when you do the pirate thing.
I would have sent it but it's to big 4meg

Man all sound good heading south Belize and naked little

brown bodies every where like Gauguin that's where's I

wanted to be.
But I stuck in the frig for a while. If all works out I will be

inside where it's warm for a while and that's a lot of pressure

off. It's a lot cheaper here but there's very little call for

artwork or 3d so I'm still plugging away at the computer.
It's getting tougher by the day I can't concentrate but I never

could anyway. I am getting closer to doing some painting once

I come down enough to find all my stuff. I’m getting closer

everyday hope the mind holds.
Yell I know what you mean about those smoke blowers I was

sick of it a long time ago there is just to many flacks in that

state I don’t know how they ever get anything accomplished.
I’m happy for you getting to head south I hope it all works

out. I just need a place I can work I don’t want a bunch of

money I just want to do what I like doing I’m told then the

money will follow I have always worked for and at what

others wanted if I don’t do my thing now I sure that time will

run out on me.
I don’t want to be a homeless vegetable in this cold or

anywhere else. I seen what happens to people, I living proof.
It’s sounds like that’s where you need to be and just have a

good time from all the crap.
Good luck and may you get what’s owed to you.
Love ya buddy BT
I would love to stand on a beach some where and paint naked

brown girls with you again one day. That summer on Venice

will always be good memories to me… the closet I’ve every

been to living the life I had planned as a young boy. Living

the artist life not to many have been able to say that in the

style we did it. Even poor and nothing more than what we

carried there I feel I had more than so many others and even

more than others only dream to have. I wish I had better

words to say it was a great time for me.
I’m glad you was there… you played your part so very well.

just thought you might get a kick out of it….