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thank you opera. your browser is still almost the only browser i ever use.

i have had so many years of daily enjoyment making friends here. we have had some good times commenting on each other's posts with remarkable feelings of friendship as we got to know one another better both through comments and the posts of our favorites.

usually, when i have a negative reaction to something it can be because of an inability to let go of something. but here, now, i decided to celebrate us, the 'operateers' of constant fidelity.

so i made my most beautiful and fantastic sushi feast ever. i even went to the thrift store looking for a new table cloth, which will do very nicely for thanksgiving also. :happy: people who know me know that i am crazy about sushi. i even enjoy the work. :sherlock:

this won't be my last post or anything like that… we have until march i'm told, to pack up and get out of town. 😎

below, to commemorate the bad news are some shots of my dinner today.