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L’eau de la vie

The water of life is poison to me now
How did the heaven sent elixir turn so sour?
I could have mixed in equal parts;
My sorrow and my forgetfulness.

Now, all my sweet reveries are gone
Until the scales are balanced, if ever.

My only hope, my practical solution
Is to live this life brutally
Forever to decline any balm
No aggrandizement or heroism
Born of independent spunkiness.

Even the rebel with all grandiosity
Will bow down to Beauty and lo! All pain disperses.
Then will the supplicant prefer that wholesome core;
That fountain of intelligence
Who guides me to remember my Self.

Now will be the time of incandescent presence
That past and future come from above
And discontent dissolves in pure being
Which stands firm under Heaven
With clay feet and the utmost charm.

I_ArtMan 6/24/06