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o.k., so i get up knowing i have to see the dentist after 16 years. i open the patio doors and see a lovely billboard. it's going to be alright. all is bright. :happy:

snazzy office in the 'arts district'… two buses to get there. i was early so after locating the office i had a cappuccino at starbucks. lucky i had my starbucks card because i was down to the quarters pile.

what do you do when the dentist says he is going to extract the last six teeth in your head?

limp home and make a chocolate cake. of course. :chef:

also, of course, i had never made a cake before. so i learned a lot.

(the setup)

(looks o.k.)

everything went well until i put the strawberry/chocolate icing filling in and dropped the second layer on. as i was buttering the rest of the chocolate icing on, the layers did a kind of speedy tectonic plate displacement.

i solved that. i stabbed it with four bamboo skewers. ๐Ÿ˜†

well, it's not perfect but i am going to enjoy it anyway, with a root beer float and a scoop of french vanilla icecream…. so there. that's a day in the life… :happy: