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Once upon a time, a long time ago, when Brahmadatta was king in Benares, the bodhisattva came into being. As a merchant and good householder his life was filled with rich experiences. Approaching old age he left the business to his children, took a new name and lived as a sanyasin. Wearing the bark garment he spent his days in deep contemplation.
One day, in the village there was a fair. A garuda and a serpent engrossed in the spectacle stood side by side and the serpent even put his hand on the garuda’s shoulder. Suddenly, they both turned towards each other and realizing that one was a serpent and the other a garuda. The serpent flew off and the garuda chased after him. Garudas eat serpents.
The serpent with his magical powers turned himself into a ruby brooch to hide on the bark garment of the sanyasin. The garuda perceived the ruse and was about to pluck the brooch from the breast of the ascetic and devour it when the bodhisattva stopped him with a calming gesture. Then he said, “Why don’t you two become friends and live in peace together?” Miraculously, they were enlightened and lived together in harmony from then on.

"The serpent with his magical powers turned himself into a ruby brooch"