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He loved them and they loved him. But when the leaves began to fall the swans had to go. All summer long the swans and the turtle had chatted together in amiable bliss so when the swans announced their imminent departure for the south it made the turtle very sad. He wanted to go with them rather than end their friendship. The swans put their heads together and came up with a plan. They would carry a stick between them and their good friend would clamp onto it with his strong jaws. “please make sure you do not open your mouth for anything.” Counseled the swans. Then they took off into the sky with their friend dangling from the stick. They were seen soaring over a village and the people shouted “hey, look at that, the swans are carrying a turtle. Amazing”. “Ho ho, yes, just look at me. I am flying.”, the turtle shouted……..

the moral of the story? 😎