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now, only efforts of restraint and discipline count. it's what you do and don't do that come together in the moment of creating something new.
now, today, i have first to work on generating an income. both through online inventory maintenance and here in my studio.
every day begins with work. at my age, 67, morning energy is precious. as the day waxes on, the uphill battle to concentrate and make the best use of time is always peppered with the interruptions of food and other civilized necessities.
so, i have my meals and preparations of grazing food such as concoctions. two of my staple favorites are a lemonade, ginger, maple syrup cold drink and a strawberry-banana protein and wheatgerm shake.
usually muesli softened in warm water with a few pitted prunes will coat my stomach until early afternoon when a sandwich with condiments carry me through to dinner time around eight. all this takes time so i work as fast as i can and use the time to relax.
i try to skip the nap, but if i am exhausted, i put on some music and sleep for an hour.
writing is a nice break from drawing and painting.
today i began the day as usual with a morning 'sit' for half an hour. my ambitious side concluded that i should hang little signs around the room saying, "only super efforts count." and concentrate,concentrate,concentrate. lol
but it's all in 'process' and no amount of impatience is going to produce better results. just another day to follow the muses.
right now i am working on a calendar for 2012 with illustrated short stories. maybe there will be a little book also.

“Hmmm, looks like that rock is a
little high in the water today.”,
thought the Bodhisattva one day
as he returned from ‘Banana Island’.
“I’ll bet that crocodile Devadatta is lying
on it waiting to catch me.”“Oh rock!”,
he shouted. “Ohhhh roooccck!!!”.
“Maybe the rock answers him.”,
thought the young crocodile
and shouted back.
“Yes, monkey?”
“Is that you crocodile?
What are you up to?”
“My mother said she would die if she
didn’t have a monkey heart for dinner.
I am just hoping you will jump
into my waiting jaws.”
“Not today. Sorry.”
“Well, I give up. You’re too smart for me.”

“Nevertheless I will be watching out for you all the same.”, whispered the wise monkey to himself.

well, here is the final print of the new "cinnamon tree". i am selling it on saatchi for $30,000.