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one by one i am framing all of my paintings for a show. :happy:

this is called "bamboo reverie"

shimmering joys

our secrets are etched on miles of memory
hearts burned to a carbon dot revived over and over
the background is fear limned with bright neon
while here in the center of the stage
we are like gods shimmering

now boundless expectations lure us
to the cliffs of pleasure
then crash our strange bodies
on sharp basalt crystals below
this does not free the core itself.
instantly this germ is rendered black,
black and gone.

were we to learn to sail this ship
in halcyon seas and bright melodies
through waves of waxing happiness and joy
we would be able then to utter love
we would then be able to alter love

oh, candle burning in bursting hearts!
we will have killed our selves.