i picked up my head.  it had rolled under the bed, and i wasn't dreaming.  this wasn't my best head but it was the one i was using just to save time. my time bank was now overflowing with free days and i didn't need it anymore;except that i needed it to find my other heads.

once it was installed i tossed a few heads around in the closet until i found my watercolor head, so i could work; one of the few heads that not only talked to my feelings but even listened.  it was my fastest head.  i knew better than to wear this one when i was cooking and painting at the same time because time was the last thing i was concerned with.  i only wondered what time it was when i was too exhausted to go on.  so no cooking today.  i could do with a chunk of apple smoked sharp cheddar, a slice of onion and a twist of homemade rye bread.  then i could rip off a few bites when my hunger finally broke through to my sailing imagination.

lab 025