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well, i made this meat stuffing for gyoza (potstickers) and i had so much left over i decided to make a lasagna.

i was going to post about the lean years in manhattan but the internet and cooking stole the whole day away. now i am hungry and tired. well, maybe tomorrow. i did add a segment, sort of a preface to 'just visiting' the hegira from winter park, fl., to santa barbara. (just about a page at the beginning is new.)

anyway, feast your eyes on this lasagna. if you're within driving distance there's enough for everyone. :chef:

you don't need a picture of after they are cooked do you?

this is so easy. the sheets of pastry don't need to be boiled first. then you layer sauce pastry, cheese mix (two eggs, ricotta, grated mozzarella and Parmesan) this is a small pan so i didn't follow any recipe… just don't fill it too high or it will boil over. just in case i backed it up with my pizza cooker.

goes with a salad. it's a sunday dinner and i fasted all day, so shuddup about the fat and calories. :angry: :chef:

i also made yogurt for the first time. as with many first times, it was a dismal failure. i wonder what i did wrong?

well, i'm not going to throw it away. i can use it on cereal and milk shakes. :happy:

oh… by the way. i'm learning russian. it is harder than gyoza.