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you know how you're ready to quit
and go into the passive mode
turn on t.v. and eat?

sometimes it's a good thing to
make a strong cup of coffee
and throw together a post
on what's happening now.

just for fun, i rewrote ecce homo
by nietchze, made some bread
and a stew.

i also took a picture
of myself… just to keep you
peeps up to date on the progress
of the crags in my face.

the poem was translated by my belaruse friend lavender, from the german. she did a great job but i had to mess with it.

so here…. transmogrified.

ecce homo

yes,i know the source
of my descent
the scent of pure desert
rises from my flame
so bright, so brilliant, its penumbra
illumines the bowl of heaven.

never say never.
in essence
i am a man unknown,
a knight on bended knee.


my grandaughter averyl graces my desktop…