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well, it took four days. in search of a mountain valley to

do my seven day vision quest,cameras clicking, eyeballs

treated to the lush and lovely ojai valley .

And it was quite cool; what i saw and what a wonderful trip i


i had flown these valleys before with the google earth plane

so i knew where to search. i also had with me after the

second day, a really good contour map showing the heights and

depths of the sespe wilderness.

this is not the map. this was posted at the trailhead.

on the fourth day, after breakfast at an ojai restaurant, i

climbed the windy road to 3,000 feet and found rose valley.


then i spent the whole afternoon working on my tan by the spa

at the motel.

this motel was marvelous… half the cost of all the others,

but clean and fully equipped.the oakridge motel had a nice view of the mountains and lake casitas.also, i was impressed by a very friendly atmosphere. before i left on

friday morning i did a portrait of the manager, scott, for $25

at his request.

more pics later of ojai and santa barbara, both beautiful

places featuring tiled spanish architecture, courtyards,

flowers and beautiful people. there will be a new album in 'my photos'. just not today. today i am busy celebrating independence day. :happy: