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here is one of the stories i have been working on in the
silkscreen laboratory. it's a long story. it takes me 45
minutes to tell it.
but it becomes a favorite among children i have told it to
and they always ask to hear it again on other occasions.

once in etching lab at columbia i illustrated "ajam boglay".
and just for fun i am including it here with the first stage
negative image of the new picture. i changed the story a
little bit because my dragon, in my psyche is a two headed one.[/SIZE][/FONT]

"before very long he heard a fury of sound; the ground shook

beneath his feet and the dragon came…its two heads snorting, galloping down

the path and switching his tail.

ajam boglay rushed at him and with one swipe he cut off one

head. with the next stroke of his sword he cut off the

second head.

although this was the first dragon he had ever fought, he

knew enough to chop it in pieces and pin the heart to the

ground with his dagger lest the beast should reassemble

itself and rise up to attack him again."

below is the etching version:

by the end of june i will have four stories and illustrations finished.
well, that's my aim.

and we all know that man proposes and god disposes.