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Tanzin and his brother monk were on the path to the Zen center. It was April and the spring rains were heavy that year. The river cut through the trail and a beautiful lady in a long kimono was stymied on one side.

Tanzin offered to carry her. She accepted. After he placed her gently on the other side of the ravaging stream the two monks walked on in silence. Finally, after twenty minutes the brother burst out with, "I can't bear this one moment longer. We are not even supposed to look at a woman and you have not only looked but also held her in your arms.”

"Brother, I put her down on the other side of the stream. You have been carrying her ever since."

"infernal winds rattle the shutters between my ears
now i am busy trying to describe the infinite lull.
just so the ocean pulls back the peaking wave
i am called back to my selfless original mind."

i said that.

if you're wondering what this is all about. i am just starting illustrating a collection of the best teaching stories i have come across. :happy: