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no excuses. this is pretty dumb but i wanted to test applications etc.
in the video i propose that terrorist prisoners be let loose in big sur on the california coast. and other riffs. i hope this works. :happy:

this is really just an aside. barak obama is on record at least stating his reluctance to persecute or prosecute. that shows his objectivity. he can easily see, as i even can, the quagmire which awaits us if we go against the stream of time. but he abjures the tendency of leaders to dictate. that's not wavering in his opinion.

so anyway, that's the problem with democracy, or any present day government for that matter. majority rules in voting booths but the 'power elite' pulls the strings…. committee decisions based on a consensus of broken brains driven by fear and greed will always take the low road.

we are just spectators of what the hindu tradition calls 'prakriti' the seemingly stronger force of random nature firing off mechanically. mankind has always pitted his rare intelligences and intuition against chaos with intentional wisdom and a good plan. common sense says what priorities to work on, then everything happens as if by accident. the illusion that we can control anything is deep- seated.

the only element anyone has at least the potential to control, provided he has a developed 'will', is his own actions. if he simply does no harm he is helping the whole world to come to its senses.

and finally, dodging the temptation to cynicism,one could act in everything according to his natural conscience. anyone can do that. they just don't heed conscience because conscience is only a whisper in an ear crowded with shouting urgencies, fears and desires produced in us all automatically. no-one is free… none… personne. plus everyone thinks they are the hero in the story of the world and that just simply drives everyone to despair and insanity. i use a simple rule of thumb: if i think it is wrong then it probably is. 😎