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the culmination of almost a year of work… 780 silkscreen prints with four helpers. my job was to just stay ahead of the printing by making the screens as fast as i could.
i did the drawings illustrating the mulla nasr eddin stories all in one day last april.

then we did scratchboard versions of the drawings…

then the color plan…

the stories which i retold with no verbal frills so they would fit the pages with lettering being a reasonable size for hand brushing.

then we took the 'paste-ups' i used for doing the four color screens to a printer and made 25 calendars that way. we wound up, (with an aim of 60 calenders), 54 good ones.
the good news is that they all sold at the christmas party. $25 for the machine printed ones and $35 for the hand-crafted calenders.

i'm not going to load up the page with examples of them all. but i will make an album for people who are interested.

more here:

below: the printers