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those patties were almost unbearably hot, served piping hot and spicey hot at the same time. but at 11:00 a.m. at priory school in kingston when the patty wagon came to the school yard. we were so hungry we got used to them. they were so delicious. i asked him once what he put into them. the patty man said with a laugh, "snakes eyes and puppy dogs tails." :faint: but they sure were good.

so i decided to make some of my own. here's how.

put on some nice harry belafonte songs and get some ambiance going. :happy:

set-up for dough

roll the dough in small balls

find a cutter. i used the blender lid. 5 inch diameter.

if this doesn't taste really good and peppery work on it some more. must be hot hot hot.

bake for 35 minutes on cookie sheet at 400 degrees farenheit. i made twenty all together.


then this is the lunch i had.

below is what you do with the left over marinara sauce. makes a lovely dinner on rice.