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jonathan is a man now, but he'll always be the boy for me. that's the way it goes. i remember discussing this with my father when he was 84. he said he always felt like a kid when he was with his father (pappy to us).

pappy was short and wiry, one quarter french canadian sioux. he was born and raised in goderich, ontario in canada. his father was a carpenter and had 14 children 'pappy' was the last. he left home when he was thirteen and retired a millionaire when he was forty. he never went to high school even, but he built a shipping company and shipped produce by sea from panama and other countries and distributed lettuce and bananas to chicago and new york. after a year of retirement, he went back to work and worked until he was 76. he had a nice house in santa barbara, california, and another in ft lauderdale fl. being a natural scotsman, he played golf all through his life. every easter, christmas and birthday he would send a silver dollar for each of us.

so happy birthday my boy and many more to come. :love:

i hope you enjoy these pictures of you. save them for your grandchildren. 😎

upper east side apartment with julie and demian

first day when you came to live with me. 1971

you always had a good appetite

always fun

with my grandmother 'nana'

you always got the 'lead' in plays

a chip off the old block

riding at pennington's

you were a great help to me with lodestone construction

now you sail your boat happily

i could go on and on but i won't… to see more go to the album for more, please. :happy:

i love you. :love: