i don't know what i'm doing here
scraping the bottom of the barrel
why must i ride this puppy
to it's dire conclusion.

to cater to the perverse aids
to my destruction…

where did that come from
what law says that the higher the
the deeper the humiliating fall.

i seem to be tripping on my beard even.
i seem to glory in distances
where i am the sucker
who can't penetrate his own mind
but goes around spouting
worn out truisms.
goes around pretending
pretending pretending pretending

but look at these beautiful trees i was allowed to converse with. these are beings with 3,000 plus years of watching as the world turns.

i didn't take this picture, but i did pay for it.

i did take this one… i kinda like the way the man seems to be lazily reaching out to hold her hand. and the guy gazing out at the ocean.

many more pictures coming. an album called california, the beautiful country.