that's sanskit for brother. he will disown me for publishing his email to me. but i can't resist the urge. when we were young and fancy free, my brother, bobby, wrote great poems. i have painted only one of them.

at 17 he stopped writing.

he is an insatiable reader and should share his thoughts with the world. once i asked him why he stopped writing. this was a few days after he burned about fifteen of my paintings in the backyard.
he said, "because everything has already been said." good excuse. but i always wished he would write again. so now, since he has dropped this on me and i am free, i will devote this post to him.

Scotty- My God! What would we do without G-mail?. My batteries were fading and I didn't know what to do! A truly bittersweet moment. Just a sec- there is someone at the door- she was your neighbor and she wanted to know if I could spare a quart of gasoline, Well, of course i obliged her free of charge and now there are flames everywhere and I hear sirens. I think I will pretend to be oblivious. One of my especialites.
I have 2 items to contribute: Firstly, my favorite poem, written, of course by moi- don't you just hate that _expression? Secondly my list of ten reasons to savor being lonely in Ajo. A brief intro to " The Shell of Cascabel ". I was looking in my dictionary for the Spanish word for rattlesnake. It is serpiente de cascabel. Well. I wondered. I can see serpiente but what the fuck is cascabel? I looked up cascabel. Am I getting redundant? Just say yes. O.K. A cascabel is similar to the bells that Rudolph and his buddies wear when flying Santa thru the fog. Only these bells were put on mules by their Mexican masters to alert them of any disturbance or straying or hanky panky at night. Skip the last reason- mules don't do THAT. Well, back to the prelude of my magnificent poem. The bell that the serpent wears is its rattle, that warns hapless intruders to beware. I thought that was tres cool, another of my least favorite French _expressions. So, in the interest of brevity if not wit, here goes. Hint: Think Clearwater Beach.
The Shell of Cascabel
The hulk of an old hotel
Now habitat for gulls and rats
Sand fleas and an occasional human, most of whom shit on the floors and leave no window unbroken,
Fire pits on lobby floor.
The sound of the surf accentuates the silence
But the Past screams silently in my brain.
The gull cries
But not I
I am a man and men don't cry
The beach, the pool
The hibisci, bouganvilla, bamboo and Royal Palms
Blasted away some years ago
Snakes, spiders, roaches and ghosts remain.
The blast of sun off the white sand and the brilliant blinding glare off the sea
Make the darkness inside even darker
As are the secrets hidden in every room.
The sea breezes make the tattered draperies move in a nervous way that makes you want to scream.
We used to come here before the hurricane=
The dock, the boardwalk and our old sailboat destroyed
Our love, the veranda, the enchanting pathways and gardens all gone, like a dream that never happened until it became a nightmare
Memories just don't suffice,
But I know: the love was real.
Ajo Bob.

10 Reasons to enjoy being lonely in Ajo:
1. The Sun
2.Your ex is an ex
3, Your wife is up north working
4. Your grandchildren are being cared for by their parents
5. The beach at Penasco
6. No traffic
7. Nothing but desert in every direction
8. Beautiful Mexican women
9. Having your own house
!0. Freedom. At least what remains after limitation of the Law.
Plus: birds and lizards who stop and listen to me. And my pet rabbit, Peter.
Goodnight brudda.

love you… bobby. :love: