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what do you do in triple digit heat on a sunday afternoon when you have too many tomatoes? duh…
it looks like a gazpacho soup to the rescue. :up: :chef:

chop up a hundred tomatoes, half an onion (bermuda onion, the purple one, is best. i didn't have one.)
three cloves of garlic, fresh jalapenos (remove the seeds or you will be sorry). some green
scallions is good. add a little pure water. let it settle in the refrigerator for a couple of hours so everything seeps.
three cloves of garlic chopped really fine. also, if you have a juicer, don't add water. add the
juice of eight tomatoes.
some black olives helps too. season with only fresh basil and any other cool herbs you have on hand or in the garden… especially fresh oregano. olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as you like it. it's good to have some chips. some people even add that hard crust of bread that seemed to harden too fast. but break it up into bite sizes. :happy:

too many tomatoes:

gazpacho is healthy, refreshing and delicious. :happy: however, it is very acidic so i recommend bread and cheese with it. and maybe a dish of flan for dessert.