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this is kind of funny. me and my big ideas. i should be working on something important. instead i have been running around shopping for the right ingredients for an admittedly beautiful lunch. so in the tradition of the 'kool-aid house, i will invite you all to lunch.

a few days ago i made gyoza and it encouraged me to expand.

this is what the final result looked like and it is still in my stomach. so dig in and dig it. :happy:

if you want to try this yourself, follow these picture hints, or go to you-tube and watch videos (that's how i did it)

just chop this stuff up and cooks in a few minutes.

this is how i started:

do get a rice cooker. it always makes rice perfectly.

ingredients for the tiger roll:

step one

add fish eggs

add green onions and cucumber strips like this… so they stick out a little. it's pretty.

now the avocado and romaine lettuce

add the tempura tiger shrimp ( a little mayonaise ) or mustard or whatever you like.

this is my first tiger roll so it's a little sloppy. i learned what not to do. (mostly don't put too much in. also, i must find a way to make the shrimp straight. they want to pop out the ends… i just popped them right back in.)

cut into five pieces like this.

everyone knows how to make tempura so i won't bore you.

well, let me get back to work now… i just couldn't resist sharing this incredible experience. :happy: