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cherry hump girl. a very innocent affair. for three months s. knew her as the candy and popcorn girl at the woodstock movie theatre. her name was isabel and her parents managed the place.
one reason why he always went to whatever movie was playing every friday was to see her lovely smile when he requested “cherry humps”, a candy bar with three chocolate covered cherries.

one friday evening s. got up his courage and invited her to dinner. and she accepted. then isabel invited s. to dinner at her house. the parents were met and for some strange reason they didn’t forbid isabel to ever see s. again.

cherry hump girl
they went for long walks together and got very close very quickly. she just so starry eyed about s. being an artist and he basking in her warm feminineness. they climbed mt. tom together one fine day and had a picnic on the peak. s. was very in love with this precious protected and very perceptive new friend. they talked a lot about everything. she allowed him to kiss her and she even initiated a few clinches at special moments like a warm summer night and a full moon. they could even sit together quietly on the swinging bench on the veranda; just happy to be together.


it was early in the fall and s. went to the city for a few days. a few days, he thought, until he met julie.

s. was with his friend jeff gerber at the “scoop” an icecream parlor coffee shop on mcdougal st.. they were there to score an ounce of ‘pot’ for s. to bring back to vermont with him. s. spied sitting in the distance a raven haired beauty. s. and jeff were supposed to be meeting someone in the circle in the square. s. didn’t want to go because he had some powerful eye contact going on with this girl sitting demurely alone by the front window. jeff left. s. stayed.

s. watched surreptitiously as three consecutive guys chatted with the mysterious female. each time she would send one packing she looked towards s.. encouraged by these come hither glances, s. caught her attention and signaled pointing to the chess pieces inviting her to come and play a game with him. she was smart. she signaled back… no…. you come here and play. so he walked the 30 feet to her with his very best slow careless glide. they played three games together and got to know each other. s. learned that she had just arrived from san francisco. he was totally taken by her. her eyes were lavender. he had never seen lavender eyes so blue, so slightly purple; like a persian miniature pastel purple. her hair was magnificent and natural. her skin was like ivory with no blemishes. s. was very excited. her name he found out was julie.

they got a room a block away at the earl hotel; a corner room on the second floor overlooking washington square. let’s just say ‘love at first sight’ was consummated within a few hours of their fated meeting. they fit together well and the chemistry was remarkable.
she wore ‘shalimar’ and was delicious. s. was hooked. he had never felt that strong an attraction to anyone before.

this love-making not only didn’t fade a bit but increased exponentially. unfortunately, s. ran out of money after three nights at the ‘earl’. julie had no money. she had just hitchhiked 3000 miles, and naturally, being the bohemian sanfranciscan that she was had gravitated to the ‘village’. with no cash and no contacts she easily attached herself to s.. s. had many friends he could stay with and so they went happily from apartment/party to another for two weeks.

then suddenly, julie split. she transferred her affections and feminine wiles to a young guitarist of no particular fame at that time.
as soon as s. found out, through the ‘grapevine’ where julie was hanging her hat, he hurried over there. he knocked. julie answered the door. s. simply, without a word, took her by the hand and led her through the chilly night to the greyhound bus station. he took her back to woodstock with him.

julie liked woodstock. s. scrounged up a double bed mattress for the floor from the tates’s storage of antiques. shortly thereafter julie confessed to s. that she was three months pregnant. s. hadn’t noticed and didn’t mind at all. instant family and one more model to draw. he even tore apart an antique spindle chair and fashioned a cradle for the expected infant.

julie was a perfect model. she liked to be quiet and hold a pose for a long time with no difficulty. he later found out why. she didn’t have any other ambition than to wait for the baby’s arrival.

demain and scott,woodstock vt
s. made a futile attempt to explain julie to the ‘cherry hump girl’, but that was the end of that relationship. she would never speak to him again. s. couldn’t understand it. s. was now also the favorite subject of town gossip.

s. as usual thought he could keep both girls. also, don’t forget that he already had julie in his studio in woodstock. then he found out she was pregnant. he was never afraid of children and he was never afraid of raising a child which wasn’t conceived by him.the demure isabel was sorely pissed. he had no idea how long it would take to get isabel into bed. so, julie was like on another level. julie was just looking for a nest to have her baby in and s. was deeply in love and attached as in forever. julie had abandoned two children to her beer belly husband of a teenage marriage. she couldn’t stand it and had to escape. he would come in, turn on the game, put his feet up on the coffee table and shout “bring me a beer, bitch!” julie told me. so, i didn’t blame her. but she carried the guilt of that leaving her children her whole life long. s. has just turned 20.bobby is still wandering the streets wearing beads and feathers and making flutes.