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bobby took the call. it was robin at the orlando airport. it was two days before christmas and she just wanted to surprise s.
s. was at a party with linda. bobby called and said he'd pick up robin and bring her home. s. had to think fast. it was decided that linda would pretend to be bobby's girlfriend. gin was gone by that time so it could work.

the next couple of days s. juggled the two women awkwardly. finally, robin found out. a slip of the tongue and his cover was blown. robin and s. had a long talk. linda and s. had a long talk. robin and s. made love in the tall grass in the moonlight. she forgave him. she would go back to the storefront apartment on suffolk street and await his return in february… maybe march; one more art festival to finance the move.

one day linda announced that she had a miscarriage in the bathroom and had flushed it down the toilet. bobby didn't believe her story. s. believed her at first but finally came to the conclusion that she had never been pregnant at all. apparently her sister had just married a fine young man and linda wanted the same flurry of attention from her father.

dearest ladies and gentlemen sitting far away in place and time do not judge s. too harshly for his carefree attitude. s. possessed a sterling character and would never take advantage of anyone for mercenary reasons. when six months after their marriage, the divorce papers reached s. in new york he could have held up mr. t. for many thousands of dollars to release linda from her contract. instead he just signed the papers which of necessity contained lies to make the divorce pass judgement.

according to this document pleading mental cruelty, s. would often leave the house in the evening. when his wife, queried, "where are you going?", s. would answer, "none of your business." s. hated to sign, but since he knew, and linda knew, that none of it was true, he signed to release her from any obligation to him.

the firebird is caged
beneath my breastplate
it's a hydrogen bomb
and inflates my ribs
love activates me
it goads me…

to do wonderful things
i am grateful for this life.