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this is how the raging waters filled our hearts
which were unencumbered.
and how our fiery blood cooled down,
looking down, from the mountain's forehead.

and some of us caught antelopes
and wrestled them to the ground
and kissed them behind their ears
and let them go their nimble way unharmed.

over rolling hills we roamed
thoughtless of the comfort
of the glowing homes
excitement the marrow of our bones.
cameraderie was a joy so natural
in common pastures woods and fields
all vales and glens sundappled
as were the hidden swimming holes.

unhindered we lay naked
by the friendly water
our tan bodies
melt on the shiny green moss.

rolling over on each other
we loved the smell of sunbaked skin.
for once the earth stopped crying
the trees sang harmony with the rolling river.