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it occurs to me that i have lost the kool aid house in all of my "stories of s."
so just so you know… i still eat every day.

tonight it was enchiladas… my own style.

first you saute' onions garlic and jalapeno peppers. (take the seeds out so it won't be too hot for you) onions and garlic should be golden brown.

i can't possibly tell you everything that's in this. some sauted mushrooms, a heaping tablespoonful of sun dried tomato pesto, chunks of chicken breast, a little olive oil, corn oil and butter and paprika

roll tortillas to make enchiladas.

add fresh salsa about a half a cup full.

add appropriate cheese… queso anejo or just mozzarella

bake in oven in caserole dish at 350 degree F about half an hour

side dishes are homemade grapefruit chutney, spanish rice and sourdough bisquits.

now this i got on my walk yesterday. i just had to share it. see what a nice strong lock he had… but it saved his basket… :happy: