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s. told himself that he was calm, confident and happy.
sure… when your girlfriend has a good job
when you are flat broke and spend your time
free and footloose sketching and carousing with your friends?

christmas in new york is a sight to behold.
robin and our dear s. made a good christmas complete with
tree trimmings and the ice-cycles
stockings with names, good wines, a little cognac…

love was a perfect thing for them. they fit together well.
the deepest love you can imagine… like crying together
like losing themselves completly for hours in each others arms.

casselberry had been confiscated after the peyote fiasco*.

s. and robin, who had completed her degree as a medical secretary ran off to new york. they found a little railroad apartment on avenue c, on the lower east side, and robin went to work right away as secretary to a high class dermatologist on fifth avenue.

s. haunted the circle in the square and mcdougal and bleeker streets looking for old friends. every day he hung out drinking coffee, eating very little and drawing everything and everyone. he knew that if he were to paint what he saw in his mind he was going to have to draw a lot better.

and at home the young lovers were very happy. they spent their time together 'nesting' ; making the ugly apartment more comfortable and clean. they shopped together, they cooked and washed the dishes together and made love constantly. sometimes marching arm in arm west to the bistros and hotspots where the budding explosion of new bluegrass, folk and early rock attracted footloose young men and women from all over the country and the world. and it was good. but it wouldn't last because the cops in florida had a bone to pick with him. his father had advised him to get back and report to his probation officer. and that was deadly. goodbye dear dear robin.

the eternal optimist, the hopeless romantic s. simply obeyed and wound up a prizoner of florida (on full recogniz ance) but having to report monthly s. had one further chance to demonstrate his utter disregard for the 'law'.

*next post "the peyote fiasco"