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rented a car. i left at 4:00 a.m. to get out of los angeles without fighting any traffic. it was a good idea. that is until i found myself driving straight into the rising sun. i was going blind even with shades on so i stopped and had a gigantic breakfast at the inimitable 'dennys'

bobby was totally surprised to see me pull up at the mailbox of his ajo house. the front door was open and i could see him see me. we had a big hug. we talked for hours. he showed me around his house, told a few tales from long ago then drove me around ajo to see the places of interest.

we did a lot of driving around because bobby always wants to show me everything. we even went to mexico where i was his mule… they have duty free stores and tequila and cigarettes are half price. i was only in mexico for ten minutes.

arizona is like another planet.

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