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if you think of where i was two years ago, you will know why i am so happy now. :happy:

i am so grateful this christmas and i now know the secret of life
pay your dues and enjoy it.

for a couple of months, i and some others learned linoleum block printing.
we made some holiday cards. some are below and some are in the album.
we had a great christmas sale and made lots of money for our club.

the other night it was raining hard and really cold. i was out hunting for a christmas tree.
i love the cold… it reminded me of new york… always a struggle with the weather and the cold.

tonight i am going to my friend's 49th birthday party in topanga canyon. then tuesday i have a christmas party where i will bring my first attempt at greek baklava. then on christmas day, i've been invited to a christmas dinner. but i will open my presents christmas morning just like a little kid.

i wish everyone a happy holiday. may you all feel loved. i do. :happy: