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i don't know anything for sure but i think that if people who

have more than they need would share directly with those who

obviously have very little, in time, there would be no poverty;

and sickness would disappear also.

spell live backwards and it is evil.
live and let live; or evil and let evil.

if people would just practice a little direct charity there would be enough of everything for everyone.

also, the ways to get out of poverty, no matter how low one's


do nothing that isn't necessary.

work at something; anything. a day at a time; the universe will


help others. at least it will keep you connected to humanity.

have an aim I AM, a-I-m

my friend ooo

ooo took this picture of me

i was never really poor, even when i was homeless i still managed to get cigarettes. one portrait a day was enough to keep me alive on the venice beach boardwalk.


i recommend an insightful essay on the subject: