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well, it's late but it's ready.
i took a three hour walk… not intentionally, it just turned out that way.
i stopped at starbucks and had a pumpkin spice frappacino and hot multigrain bread and butter and just luxuriated in the sun smoking and dreaming.

on the way home i dawdled at an ethnic grocery store which was so beautiful… especially the fresh fruit and vegetable department… then a couple of new stores and investigated an armenian restaurant called the 'talisman'.

that's why dinner is late at the 'koolaid' house…
if you're not hungry, you will be in a minute.

this is a simple and pretty fast dinner… shrimp oregano a la chez scott.

the makings:

add this

and this: lots of oregano… vegetables are steaming.

pretty isn't it?

try oyster mushrooms someday… they have a very subtle flavor.

final result…

now back to my glaze making… an artist's work is never done… :happy: