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can i go now? i'll be doing a 'moon dance' by next friday… dancing naked around the fire like a pagan. i have a nice big tent and all the equipment.


p.s. i didn't get the flashvideos to work so i am stopping here for now.
when i come back from 'big sur', i'll figure out a way.

you won't see all these buttons because i trimmed it. all that is missing is the tv, theatre and movie flashvideos. click on the title the fall of a sparrow to go directly to the book. or follow link at the bottom of 'auto-biography'.

it's the best i can do for now. i have to get better tech help from flvproducer and mediamenu player, or 1and1.com needs to enable flv.exe,(flashvideo), even 'irfanview' opens flv. it's just like you-tube only the player is hosted by the website. it looks good. but i can't make it work. i have three players which play many videos each on my computer but i keep getting this message 'error loading file' in the screen window. it's funny, though, the link to the program creator works. so i deleted the links because it looks stupid.

anyway, please let me know what happens when you browse around. it's very complicated with a 'powerpoint' presentation. i guess if people don't have 'powerpoint' from microsoft office, they won't see the slides. but the same material almost, (without preamble "treatment"), on the title of the book. 'the fall of a sparrow' button.

finally, any suggestions?

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