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what have you done with your whole life.
that is the faustian query
without the love and the strife
i'm sure i would be too weary.

mountains are there to be climbed
poems are waiting to be rhymed
but something still has me stymed
it's all so badly timed.

were the young to have wisdom
and the old to run from place to place
what a wonderful kingdom
what beauty, what form, oh, consumate grace.

i am complaining just ken my song
in seeking wisdom life can seem long
do every damn thing can't be so wrong
face every challenge, we will get strong

but what is the point
i'm so out of joint
my gauge is on empty
the self i anoint

I_ArtMan 8/13/08

this is where i am going on my vacation. i will swim in the ocean and rinse in the river. five days camping out.

i always seem to gain ten or twenty pounds in the summer. is that because
i burn more calories fighting the cold?
i eat less in the summer. it's such a puzzle because i do more physically
during the summer also. my bmi would be exactly right without those twenty pounds.
a couple of years ago i pushed my weight down to 170 (six feet even), and i felt so much better
physically. all i did then was ride my bike five miles to the beach, swim in the cold pacific
a couple of times, ride my bike home and eat half as much. that's not so hard.
but that takes time and i am greedy about time.

this is the way to cut down… just eat half. one egg instead of two etc.

i'm working on it. this is all homegrown food i am living on.

also brown rice, fish, tofu and soy milk.

i enjoy doing it this way. but it does take time to live naturally. i am making dolmas and i already juiced the grapes. made about a quart. and it was so good.

but i haven't got out much. for two reasons… this website is taking all my time
(the one i mentioned a few posts back). the other is the price of gas. my jeep is a gas hog.
so holed up here in my lovely new home and burning the midnight oil conquering dreamweaver and ftp,
i feel so… so….. restless. cabin fever i guess. πŸ™‚

well, here's the plan… as soon as this website is launched and breathing the ether, and i get paid,
i'm driving up the coast again and just ride my bike and swim and climb the grassy hills.

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