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i know i have neglected my food loving readership so i thought i would post on food. even though i have been hard at work. i still take the time to eat right. i think this is interesting because with one turkey breast, i had three lunches and two dinners so far (tonight's dinner and one more sandwich are still possible).

so just for fun… this was breakfast. (i don't eat breakfast most of the time, just lunch and dinner).

i started with this turkey breast and it was just like thanksgiving.

then this was dinner.

then i had sliced turkey sandwich for lunch three days in a row.

then i made a kind of casserole with sliced turkey, already cooked potatoes, shallots and garlic with mushrooms marinated in sherry. i added a couple ounces of salted butter. then i served it on rice with some bread. i steamed some brocolli. it's so easy and very practical. that $5.00 turkey breast fed me six times.

and this, just for fun is the happy cook.

i was wrong… there are two more sandwiches in the turkey brast.

and one more use… turkey hamud. that's usually a chicken broth with garlic and lemon.
but i am always experimenting. turkeys are just bigger than chickens. so it will be cool. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

and last but not the least at all, because i just dined on it. the 'hamud'. i learned from my egyptian roommate in new york, samir el ansary, a delicious soup you must try. it's all in a good broth made the day before. skim the fat after a night in the refrigerator. this is very important if you want to live long.

it's simply warming the broth with some fresh garlic. when it comes to a boil you add the scallion rings and lemon juice. fantastic! i also added one pita all broken up. works like 'dumplings'.