just give me a horse… you feed a horse and you love him.
a horse that makes you spend a month of your life every other year to get him to go should be shot. shot only to put him out of the misery he must feel from the misery he has caused.

my latest communication to microsoft (who only led me to links to spend more money.)
a little aside… " greed is the chief feature of america". i said that. but that weakness could become a strength with a bit of intelligence.

so anyway,
i said to microsoft in a fit of impatience and extreme exasperation ( on the basis, for example, if you buy a car, you expect it to go from here to there. my experience with computers for 14 years only, has been that they may be more trouble than they're worth. as they are that is.)

i know the solution. drop the greed. make something that is universal. like a nut on a bolt. metric or american, just make it standard. so much time and money would be saved.
so i said to microsoft….

it is a little confusing. one wonders whether to take the leap to
vista from xp home edition… there seem to be some cautions
here. it might help to simply charge us to upgrade to pro and
then be guaranteed help along the way to vista. to be ministered to by providers of services is simple common sense.

but these forms that have to be filled out before a question can be asked are time consuming, and even then to get no closer that a link to faq…. so sucks. how much time do we have to read every one of these; hoping our case, our problem, our infuriating out of the blue error messages, might be hidden in all those words.

i have no doubt that the creators believe in vista. but the scuttlebutt is 'too many
i wish i knew. i spend way too much time adjusting my computer with technical research. and the truth is… the bigger the company the lower the quality of real help.

just a heads-up… so many problems with microsoft outlook or outlook express recognizing legitimate email addresses… i don't use them anymore express or outlook. incredi-mail works just fine. and browsers? opera wins. no load. and their $30 a year email is unsurpassed. when i am sold by my server, opera is still there. but when i buy a product, even hardware, it comes with money making 'bugs' which are a terror to eliminate. popups etc. inability to uninstall etc. etc… it's all on purpose to make more money.

i will restrain myself, and say no more.

a great service to all of us would be that if we had an error message and then we email it to the program creator or company, provider, or whoever we paid, that is… $$$$ hard to come by, that that 'accountable' entity answer us with real links to blot out the bug and cure the probelm they caused with sloppy programming. or with the message to include a link to restore the missing file. how simple would that be? if you know the answer, you must know the question….

( i know many will say that it's like a sickness and the doctor doesn't know everything. but a doctor goes to work and studies the problem and relates to the supplicant.)

how can we users know everything? we have better things to do than tweak our machines.

scott cumming