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finally, i uploaded a little video i made about our meeting at the grand casino cafe'

sitting here having a wonderful salad and scanning my friend mitch's pictures into my 'puter i thought i might take a break and post on a nice day i had last monday. first i went to the food bank and gathered piles of food for the month (frozen stuff is already in the freezer}. but isn't this great. one thing i'll say for the catholic church (st. anthony's in culver city), they know how to help the poor. the organization is called SAVES. they've been keeping me in good food for five years or so.

and flowers to paint.

then i went to my favorite sidewalk cafe called the grand casino. it's a bakery restaurant run by a russian lady i know, lydia, but the cuisine is argentinian because she lived in argentina for 18 years.
i always get two chicken empanadas and a bowl of the soup of the day (always made with fresh ingredients. monday is lentil day)

i was on time, they were both late.

anyway, it's a great place to gather friends for a meal and conversation.

this is halldor enard, artist, actor, musician

i've known halldor since he was nine when he was in the party of kids who shared a godfathering ceremony i organized (since it was a boy who was fifteen who suddenly decided he wanted a 'godfather').

his parents, long time friends of mine, asked him who he wanted and he said, "scott." so anyway, nine kids, friends of darien's, sat in serious silence for ten minutes on a giant rock in the woods. then i asked them to each carefully consider what they would give him as a wish for his future. it was an excellent experience. i remember, i wished for him that 'he would always have friends who were true and loyal'.

the other guy is mike vann, who i've mentioned a few times. i first met michael at the venice beach hostel almost eight years ago. he's a filmaker and currently organizing the "other venice film festival" OVFF.

if you're in new york try to see halldor's father's recent work at the phoenix gallery.
andre yves enard will be showing at:


phoenix gallery
210 eleventh ave. @ 25th street
ste. 902 . new york . 10001

he's a french artist i worked with when i was a manhattanite. before i was exiled to paradise.