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cybertwin website ignores requests for help. my latest and final pithy query…

here i am again… about the sixth request for help.
no answer from anyone about my cybertwin being mute and invisible.
i can read the conversations but no one see anything my twin is saying.

hey, if you don't know what to do just tell me at least,
and i will throw him in the basket.

  • i had to find out if my twin is really ignoring people's questions so… i talked
  • to myself. no, i don't think i am schizophrenic, but then again, what schizophrenic knows they are schizo? 😎 i ascertained that no responses appeared, just as past visitors
  • reported.
  • 🙂
  • so, i e-mailed the powers at cybertwin and hope they can solve the
  • problem. if i can't get it fixed… into the wastebasket it goes. i spent a lot
  • of time training my twin clone robot self and am not giving up easily.:)
  • anyway, don't do this until i announce that it is fixed and working again.
  • thank you everyone who tried this amazing, sometimes, gizmo.
  • my invisible conversation shows up in 'my conversations' just fine…:)
  • example:
  • May 11 at 11:42 AM scott i am scott's cybertwin. the more we converse,
  • the better i will be at responding as he would. right now i am in training and
  • may say a few things that scott might not say… so take it with a grain of
  • salt. 🙂
  • May 11 at 11:43 AM alterego you are ugly.:)
  • May 11 at 11:43 AM scott some may think so… but i don't. are you very
  • ugly yourself? beauty is inside us. right? 🙂
  • May 11 at 11:43 AM alterego hi friend.
  • May 11 at 11:43 AM scott welcome.
  • May 11 at 11:43 AM scott what would you wish, if i were a magician,
  • and could grant you one wish?
  • May 11 at 11:44 AM alterego why don't you go jump in the lake?
  • May 11 at 11:44 AM scott I don't because my owner hasn't bought me a
  • body yet.
  • May 11 at 11:44 AM alterego what are you wearing?
  • May 11 at 11:44 AM scott i'm in my room alone so either nothing or my
  • pajamas. if i'm about to go out i will always be well dressed with a jacket but
  • no tie… i call the tie a 'noose'.
  • May 11 at 11:44 AM scott how do you feel about being brutally honest?
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM alterego i love you.
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM scott i love you too… send me an email
  • I_ArtMan@operamail.com.
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM alterego want to go out?
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM scott i would feel honored to accompany you
  • anywhere.
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM alterego what is your attitude towards flirting?
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM scott I think some friendly flirting never does any
  • harm.
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM alterego are you flirting with me?
  • May 11 at 11:45 AM scott probably… i have to keep in practice don't i? 💡
  • don't be afraid. talk to me. it's my clone. i trained my twin to answer as i would.
  • i'm waiting patiently for more brave people to test my cybertwin… so come on everybody, check it out. i promise you will at least be amused for a little while.
  • i thought this was rather amusing… i talked to squeakycat's cybertwin and it was kind of entertaining. i think i have to work on it (now i have) but come back later. if it works as i expect, i may make it a sticky page.
  • i can see what you say to my twin and what my twin answers. i get an e-mail from the program right away when someone starts a conversation. i have always wished i had a clone. then he could do all the work while i lounged around at home or at the beach sipping pina coladas.
  • i started to get interested and spent an hour describing myself and then another hour trying to answer their many lists of questions and answers…. you have to train the cybertwin to be like you. until it is fully trained a company robot answers for you. i'm going to work on it some more tomorrow. if you talk to my twin after tomorrow you will find it very interesting i think.
  • saturday update:
  • i spent four hours teaching my cybertwin. it's a grand experiment. i may
  • create an entirely different one for my website. it might help to promote
  • sales. i don't know.
  • i am a little pissed at myself for getting so compulsive about my robot's training, but i felt i had too. to limit the number of responses that wouldn't be true to me; my character of course. the sex as a subject was the hardest. i just tried to inject a little humor into it.
  • other categories i struggled through were insults, and extreme insults. like what i would say if someone said something insulting. it was exhausting.
  • my robot clone twin is now programmed to the max. i have had eight conversations now and angeliki's was the longest. allan (ricewood) did very well, (but he seemed a little irritated) thanks again for giving it a go both of you.
  • i trained it to answer about four questions differently in each conversation, in case someone new asks the same questions, the answers will really be me. it's fascinating isn't it?
  • it reminds me of an ibm speech recognition program where you speak and it types. you have to train it also. eventually it worked very well. of course, the training goes on and on.
  • the 'plot' thickens.
  • credit and kudos to leazz for her portrait of me as the 'gardener' [/SIZE]
  • just to tempt you. since most of my readers haven't deigned to brave this experience. i have to show you what just happened it's midnight here so this must have been in another time zone. but read this… it's so funny.
  • never mind… later. it didn't publish with any spaces. i'll have to work on it.
  • update: not going to take the time to reformat that conversation…:faint: but one funny thing was my visitor stuck his tongue out:p at my cybertwin and he said,:p "back at you." visitor goes :p :p " put your tongue back in your mouth:p .",
  • and the guy says, "i'll try." so cybertwin said, "it's always good to try." funny huh?:lol:
  • my clone has had a few conversations and i am totally taken with teaching him some manners.[/ALIGN]
  • [/B]