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my brother bobby called me a few days ago. he asked me to send him a picture of the egyptian sun god ra. i sent it out today. hope he likes it. i wonder where he is going to put it. i figured probably the upper arm.

also here's my recipe for what i call 'kikapoo joy juice. i first had this mixture in the haying field's of pomfret vermont. the farmer's wife brought this out to the field at around 11:00 a.m. after we had been working hard for three hours in the hot summer sun. i was throwing bales of hay up to the guy stacking them on the truck… really hard work for a fifteen year old. but after i had a glass of this stuff, i felt like i could do it all day with no problem.

lemons, ginger (juice the fresh root if you can, but also put some slivers of raw ginger in the jug)
a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a gallon
half a cup of maple syrup

in case you're ready for some lunch this is nice delicious treat anytime.

i went to the food bank yesterday… another cornucopia coming up. have to resize these pics.

finally here's kind of a fattening dinner but it's fast and easy and what the hell steak a couple of times a year is o.k. right?

sear both sides the way you like it. i go for rare, so it's like two minutes on one side and a minute on the other. corn and jerusalem artichokes are boiling. sauted mushrooms onions garlic are waiting. with a nice piece of meat like this there is no need to marinate it.

i always put little chunks of garlic in tiny slits because i love garlic with steak.

simmer the gravy on a low heat while you wait for the baked potato to be ready.

if you don't eat meat, you can do the same thing with a tofu or garden burger.

omg i'm getting hungry… i've been fasting all day, just drinking my kickapoo joy juice.
hey, i did this once for ten days, it's a cleanser and i lost a pound a day of pure fat. but i have to admit it was really hard.

here's a better dessert for us than that cherry pie. it was free. how could i resist.

this is the way to make jello more appealing. put real fruit in.