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i call this "the mandarin dragon chicken tempura szechuan extravaganza.

well here's the dragon i did yesterday for a silkscreen project.

and below is the only thing that my dragon will eat these days… he is so spoiled.

herbs and spices etc.

carmelizing the onions, shallots and ginger. also the main orange juice and vegetable broth separately.

after marinating the chicken (fatless breast) set up the battering

first you roll the chicken in rice flour so it will absorb the egg coating which will grab the tempura batter. get it?

really brown the onions, jalapeno, fresh ginger and shallots

fry the meat in your choice of oil. i use corn oil with a dash of sesame oil

brown both sides to a golden brown or dragons will not eat it.

put everything in the big pot with the stewing ingredients. throw in the mandarin oranges and simmer for at least one hour.

make some rice

clean-up along the way.

now eat in peace.