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i know, i know, real men don't eat quiche. what idiot said that.

tonight for dinner i am having a simple meal tabachnic (musroom barley soup) with saltines and blue cheese… i love blue cheese.

but this is a quiche i made last week which has served me for breakfast for six days… and there's one piece left.

i call it the end all bang up olympic winning all time favorite seven cheese quiche.

it' easy and it saves you all that time in the morning for a whole week.

the pictures tell the tale….

use whatever you have…

everything depends on a nice buttery dough. you will be eating the crust wishing there was more.

it's pretty obvious

saute' in butter, a dash of corn oil and a smidgen of sesame oil.

cover and keep an eye on it.

yummy… staring to smell it.

six eggs is just right. that means you will eat less than one egg a day.

now don't be piggy… this is soooooooooo rich. it really is designed to fuel your day. along with a glass of orange juice and of course coffee.