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so now i am beginning to really enjoy life. i mentioned recently how in one of my exploratory walks, both for preventive health consciousness and to get the lay of the land in north hollywood, i found within a mile this lovely park which preserves ecologically the tujunga tributary from the san gabriel mountains.

i took dozens of pictures, but i don't want to tire your eyes. also, after wrecking my left trapezius muscle due to a too zealous performance helping put a foldable table away, i decided it was time to take my body seriously once more. and i joined the ymca, which coincidentally is just accross the street from a lovely park and a stones throw from the amelia ehrhardt library. until this little exploration i had no idea that north hollywood was her home town.

they have a strange statue on the corner of tujunga and magnolia streets. it of her in her flying duds with a giant propeller.

anyway, i joined the ymca for $75 and a monthly fee of only $20.00, so it's doable.

i learned from my aunt jane who swam almost every day of her 'declining years' that swimming is one of the best activities to keep the body in good shape.

since i am practically a fish myself, growing up in miami, florida and jamaica b.w.i, i took to the water ecstatically. and now i go there every other day for a dip. then i read in the park. the other days i am home painting.

i don't want to bore you but i'll just say that this is artificially recreated for ecological reasons. the main wash, is rather ugly and built for heavy rainstorms not to damage housing is a concrete trough. but i have to commend the current city planners for this effort to preserve something of the conditions necessary for the birds and small animals.

the conservationists have planted thousands of indigenous flora by the side of the river. it's all very young now, but someday it will be quite grownup.

i don't have a picture of my bare feet dangling in this cool river.

the trees and shrubs, cactus and flowers will fill in and make this a very nice park.

these grasses are very beautiful and will spread and flourish without any maintenance.

this is the library. it's a half a block from the ymca (young men's christian association)

and here's one shot of the pool. it's enclosed in glass but there is a section in the middle which is open to the sky. i like to float around like an old bear basking in the sun.

this is the park across the street from the "y"

and in case you forgot what i look like, here's a recent picture.

you will notice that i no longer have that 'homeless' look.