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i had a plan to post a dinner and i will… but i am somewhat embarrassed after reading isabel's latest post… go see, and you'll see what i mean.

now, i will just go on with my original intention.

this is a cool way to use a $2.00 leg of lamb for a delicious curry.

this is the 'stock' from the bone. when reduced, it becomes the basis for the final curry sauce.

i use onions shallots and mushrooms.

here we go. the lamb on the left has been marinated for a few hours in white balsamic vinegar and fresh mint. i also added a few shakes of rice vinegar and sesame oil. don't throw this into the pot. just throw it out. you can see here that there are fresh tomatoes and raisins.

close-up of marinade. you can even marinade this in grape juice which is cool. very ancient recipe.

simmer the lamb with two bay leaves. i added these noodles to extend the meal. along with potatoes, carrots etc.

after saute'ing the vegetables… onions and shallots first, then add the mushrooms. cover, when everything is translucent add the tomato and whatever else. fresh herbs etc. then cook them like a stew for a while on a low heat. stir now and then.

now we threw it all in the big pot with just the meat from the lamb. i use coriander, cumin, cayenne, cardamon, turmeric and ginger. alittle salt and black pepper always helps. but watch the salt… if you carmelize the onions in lightly salted butter, don't add salt. go easy on the cayenne… especially if you are having company.

rice is almost ready.

that's mango chutney on the side.