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our world has come a long way.

i would just like to hear a voice in appreciation of the compassionate efforts of so many undaunted men and women, through time, who devoted their lives to the future good and who have brought some of us out of pestilence and disorder.

we are still plagued by the seeming inevitability of a madness that possesses the body politic and it's loyal adherents to engage in a periodic slaughter of humanity indiscrimitately ; and for specious reasons.

if we were all to raise a cry of "mercy"; a prayer for the conscience of mankind to root itself in each and every mind. we might stop this grievous error of war for all time.

then we could pursue more life-enhancing activities and find a way to care for and feed and clothe and house the whole of humankind in a dignified and meaningful fashion. every way of life could be allowed, so long as each individual's pursuit of their own happiness be lawful and not extreme.

there is no higher order i can think of than that we think and work together to eradicate ignorance, bigotry and self-serving self-protective deceit. and most of all we must get over our present universal scourge of greed.

that's just my opinion.