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last week i was so angry at myself for incautiously tearing a shoulder muscle.

i thought that was so stupid, i went out and bought some brains. they were delicious as ever in spite of the somewhat onerous preparation and the time it takes. look it up. it takes three hours of preparation before you even start cooking them.

i enjoyed the feasting on cervelles aux buerre noir avec championes (sp).

i put the concoction on a birds nest spaghetti (that was a good idea.) but as i thought about it more, i realized that these were calves brains… how smart do you think they are? oh well, it was delicious. but i recommend that you get someone else to cook it for you.

cook them well until they are browned. turn them over and brown the other side. these have soaked in a court bouillion for two hours.

now i am smarter:

brains are not pretty so i put this pic up to balance things out.