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if you want to give your body a nice long rest make a meatloaf. youdo everything the first day and eat for four days… or more. serve with mashed potatoes and green beans.

i'm not going to explain everything. the pictures tell the story. oh and the dessert is a banana pudding with fresh bananas and fresh mango slices… tres fantastique.

bread, bread crumbs, lean ground beef, rice and whatever.

carmelize onions and shallots in butter and corn oil.

all in a pile.

massage the pile. wedge it like clay or dough until its mixed real well.

cherry tomatoes halved and green pepper chunks.

strips of turkey bacon. place tomatoes and peppers.

add spaghetti sauce and shaved parmesan cheese.

i didn't mention salt, pepper and herbs. especailly oregano

dessert: just make a regular banana pudding and add one banana and slices of two small mangoes.

one last thing…. don't cook and blog at the same time. below is what i am eating right now. i kind of burned the potatoes.