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this is how two large chicken breasts can feed you for four days… (not in a row; that's boring)

i didn't post this really tasty dish 'sweet and sour chicken', until now. because i think it's interesting to demostrate how to revivify what might be an uninteresting reheat of left overs.

i always fly by the 'seat of my pants, so i can't offer a recipe with amounts. but just use common sense. if you want to make this for four people multiply what you might eat by four.

a little salt (sea salt) and a little black pepper always.

i fried the battered chicken in butter, sesame oil and corn oil… the least of which was sesame, because it's a strong flavor like in colors 'red'

for the noodles, if you use whole grain soba, you will enrich the meal with more vitamins.

first i will show the first meal which i made about four days ago. then i will show you how to make it delicious a second time. i call it refreshing…

the beginning


fresh herbs make all the difference. grow them; even on a windowsill.

pinapple, bamboo shoots, apple and lemon juice, green peppers, onions, battered chicken and cheat; with about four ounces of sweet and sour sauce in a jar. (or read the contents and do it yourself)

add pinapple last and simmer for one hour.

this is the dinner with soba noodles.

and these are the pics from the refreshing…. four days later.

step 2:

step 3:
step 4: i added fresh ginger and more fresh basil.

step 5:

step 6:

step 6: after simmering for one hour. cover a new mountain of wholewheat soba noodles. and eat.

here i am just trying to inspire other potential cooks to use what they have.

next week… back to poetry and art.