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the inimitable mulla nasr eddin strikes again.

this is more readable.

one day mulla nasr eddin was thinking out loud while sitting at the dinner table with his wife.

"how do i know whether i am dead or alive."

"you old fool! if you were dead, your hands and feet would be cold." said his

wife contemptuously.

"ah, thank you, dear, i will remember that."

the next day he was in the woods cutting wood for the fire. it was dead

winter and freezing cold.

suddenly, he noticed that his hands and feet were cold. he thought, "hmmm,

hands and feet cold? i must be dead. dead men don't work. i'd better lie


after a while,
a pack of wolves began attacking his donkey who was tethered nearby.

" aha! if i were alive, you wouldn't take such liberties with my donkey!"