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"i owe much; i have nothing. i give the rest to the poor."
francois rabelais. last will and testament.

eight random things tag:

this is a list of eight random things about me with a bonus test.
thanks to sarah for tagging me. makes me feel like 'one of the gang'/

1. fate has made me a traveler but i'd rather be at home.

2.i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. i still have it.

3. i am almost a gourmet cook, but i am a gourmand eater.

4. i used to be a boy with big ears (sign of a buddha)

5. i am more of a philosopher than an artist.

6. when i write a poem it comes straight out.

7. my oldest son builds fireplaces. i taught him all the building trades.

8. this bamboo staff crossed the pacific ocean after the worst tzunami.

that's all folks… oops forgot the rules. and new taggeees.

the rules were:
‘Eight random things about me’.
the tag was from sarah

i'll choose my taggees later.

they will be from visitors to my page who don't comment.
kidding… you knew that didn't you.

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